Designing interior spaces needs care and attention. Creating exclusive spaces needs different ways of looking and careful adjustments. Your choice of wallpapers determines the way interior spaces affect your life. You need a visionary, innovative and artistic view. Evart Dizayn set off in order to realize these different and careful adjustments. Evart Dizayn enriches your places through its skill in the application of textile-based wallpapers and it is always with you to satisfy your needs in all spaces where wallpapers are used. Designs by worldwide-known wallpaper brands and renowned designers will go best with your home. With their natural look, textile wallpapers will bring your interior space a breath of fresh air. The solutions provided by Evart Dizayn’s professional textile-based wallpapers to your decoration problems will color your dreams.


Lentex, one of the most distinguished wallpaper producers in America, is an indispensable brand especially for hotels. It received many higher certificates in durability and wear and tear tests. With its clean vinyl technology, it also earned all the certificates for respecting the requirements of human and environmental health.


It’s easy to apply
It is easy and advantageous to apply textile-based wallpapers to interior spaces. The wide roller facilitates the application. Textile based wallpapers save both time and labor on large areas of application.
Everywhere, from hotels to houses and apartments, from hospitals to restaurants
You can use textile-based wallcoverings with confidence in every interior space. Since textile-based wallpapers are highly advantageous over other materials used in interior spaces, they have been applied for many years in many different contexts, from hotels to every kind of touristic facilities, from housing projects to sport centers.
It is stain-proof and easy to clean; it does not get dirty quickly.
Textile-based wallpapers have remarkable advantages over other materials in terms of cleaning. It does not easily get dirty. Moreover, it is easy to clean. You can easily keep your wallcoverings clean using warm water, steam and simple soap-based cleaning materials.
It is the healthiest material you can apply to interior spaces
Textile-based wallpapers are the healthiest covering material you can use for interior spaces. All our products are antibacterial and mold and damp proof. Textile-based wallpapers are breathable and they do not emit toxic gas since they have same technical properties with water-based paints. You can use textile-based wallpapers with confidence in every interior space.
Shinning walls with textile-based vinyl wallpaper...
Evart Dizayn textile-based vinyl wallpapers bring freshness to your living spaces. Not easily getting dirty and cleaned quite effortlessly, textile-based wallcoverings provide you with clean, shiny surroundings in any pattern you want.
Textile-based wallpapers for healthy places...
Textile-based wallpapers are the healthiest product you can use in covering walls. Evart Dizayn’s textile-based vinyl wallcoverings are antibacterial and help you to keep good hygiene in your interior spaces. They can be used with confidence in hospital and hotel rooms which surely must be hygienic.
Textile-based wallpapers for your safety...
The textile based wallpapers brought to you by Evart Dizayn with its quality service are also fire-retardant. Flame-retardant textile vinyl wallcoverings do not emit toxic gas during flaming. They are safe and prevent more harm from occurring in such situations like fire.
Textile-based wallpapers for eco-friendly interior designs...
Textile-based wallpapers are harmless for the environment. The materials used in manufacturing are eco-friendly, and the water-based materials in painting are not harmful for the human health. With textile-based vinyl wallcoverings, you can create healthy interior designs that maintain respect for the environment.